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We are offering coaching for those, who need to solve a problem, dilemma or challenge and prefer professional support from qualified and experienced practicioners. Coaching is paid service and we can assure You, that Your investment will pay off many times. Abroad, this form of support is offered to a talented and perspective employees or managers. Coaching has got many different ways and we offer a business and life coaching. For better illustration we offer some real life examples.

Executive coaching

– support and career program for talented managers, who want to move forward with their career or are facing new challenges
– strategic vision and understanding of company’s culture
– improvement of communication skills and presentation
– task delegation and public presentations
– improving meeting behavior and the ability to manage teams
– improvement in productivity for individuals or whole teams
– improvement of quality of services and less bad reviews
– improvement of teamwork
– improvement of team or business image and reputation
– change of team behavior and culture
– workshops about communication, feedback and cultural competences

JITKA KOHOUTOVÁ is one of the few coaches who is working truly hard to make sure you take something from her course and that she puts you on the right track for your success. If I can recommend someone in this field that it is Jitka.

6 months ago I have undertaken an intensive one to one course and my life has changed from that moment by at least 100%.

Life coaching

– coping better with life changes
– solving life dilemmas
– better insight into Your own behavior and positive change motivation
– finding a better balance between work and Your free time
– better abilities to process negative life experiences
– improved communication with others
– higher chance to rise higher in your employment
– preparation for a job interview
– enhanced productivity

Give a Voucher coaching

Help Your loved ones to change their lives for better and give them Personal coaching, or course of Promote Your Wellbeing. They will appreciate such present for sure!

Employees coaching

Invest to your perspective employees and to their work development potential. Such a employees benefits will also move Your business forward.